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Hideaway Wood Farm breeds high quality alpacas with a focus on grey and multi (patchy) colours. 


We breed these wonderful camelids for their fleece, as pets, as guards for poultry and for use in trekking and therapy etc.

From time to time, we have alpacas for sale, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements. Please note, alpacas are herd animals and need to live in groups of at least three. We are happy to advise on alpaca keeping etc too.

We can also offer stud services if you have female alpacas requiring mating.

Not only are alpacas great fun to be around, but they also help with our land management efforts and produce fantastic manure which when composted we give back to the land to improve our soils. We also plan on using the manure as a renewable energy source. 

In addition to breeding alpacas, we also offer alpaca walks here on the e farm (and we sell gift vouchers for this too),

We can also bring the alpacas to many events / venues, including: 

- weddings 

- birthday parties 

- care homes

- retirement homes 

- therapy centres 

- hospitals 

- school events

- village fetes

We are also right next door to Dodford Manor Barn Exclusive Wedding Venue and within walking distance of Dodmoor House wedding venue if you would like an alpaca photo shoot, or alpacas at your wedding.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your event. 


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