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Alpaca Manure - large bag

Alpaca Manure - large bag

SKU: 364215375135191

Alpaca manure is a fantastic natural soil additive and ODOUR FREE (we know, because we pick this gold up daily)!  Unlike horse manure, alpaca manure can be put straight from your bag onto your garden without the need to rot down first. This slow release fertiliser will give your plants a direct nutrient boost in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. 


Plus you'll be helping a small, environmentally conscious business and keep these lovely creatures fed.


    Dig directly into your garden, water in, or make up a liquid feed (1 cup of pellets to 2 cups of water mixed in a watering can and left for 1 to 3 days).

    Comes as small pellets (like coffee beans) so its easy to spread or put a few beans into the soil of indoor plants.

    Store your manure in a cool, dark place.

    You may find traces of organic matter in your bag such as grass, weeds, leaves or small bits of hay. 

    After worming, we would wait 7 days before selling any manure, 


    Our alpaca manure is non-returnable and non-refundable (for obvious reasons).


    Every order is bagged up fresh so it make take us a few days to get ready.

    You will be notified once your order is ready for collection at the farm gate.

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